KEFALONIA #moments

If you are searching for the perfect island in Greece, here you can find the answer.
It is just amazing. Hidden, authentic, diverse, clean. Yup, there is not a milions of tourists and you can find small beaches where you can be really alone.

First of all, you must have a car or scooter. Second, choose a west side of island.

We rented a apartment in Kaminarata, which is also called, balcony of Kefalonia. That name is legitimate. This is the first time that we didn’t want accomodation near sea and beach, and it was a really amazing and new experience. We were far away from noise, mosquitoes, and high temperatures.

Must see beaches: Myrthos, Petani, XI.
Small, hidden beaches: Agia Eleni, Atheras, Lagadakia.
Must see places: Argostoli, Asos, Fiscardo, Sami cave.

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